Wildlife, Birds & Reptiles

Sometimes it’s a spotted white tail fawn seen playing in the early dawn of June. Maybe it’s the sight of strutting wild turkeys or black striped raccoons scampering across the grass. For many it will always be the soar of an eagle above the frozen river on a cold January day. Whatever the encounter, the many species of wildlife and birds that inhabit and migrate to Starved Rock arouse our curiosity and capture our hearts. The excitement of viewing these creatures in their natural setting never pales. Whether you are here for a casual Sunday afternoon with your family or a serious nature study, Starved Rock will provide a great experience.

Are you a birder? One of the most important bird migration routes in the Midwest includes the Starved Rock area. 80% of the waterfowl who follow the Mississippi Flyway stop to rest and refuel in the backwater sloughs of the Illinois River. Dozens of species of woodland warblers can be found in the more than 100 miles of continuous forests along the bluffs. Shorebirds from the north shore of the Arctic stop off here before continuing their annual flight to South America. Small county parks harbor nesting vireos. Great white pelicans feed at sites made possible by one the largest wetland restoration projects in American history. There is something here for all levels of birding!

Please respect the wildlife here in the Park. WE are in THEIR home. If you happen upon an injured or abandoned animal, please call Illinois State Police or your local park office for help. To learn more about wildlife, please visit the Illinois Department of Natural Resources website here.

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