The American Bald Eagle numbers rise in the winter months at Starved Rock. During the spring, summer and fall months, Starved Rock has several resident families of Bald Eagles that frequent the park, but in the winter – the numbers rise significantly. The colder the winter – the more eagles that come here.

The Bald Eagles’ main diet is fish. When the water on the rivers and streams freeze, the only available open waters for fishing are located near the dams.  Since Starved Rock is located at the Lock 7 dam, the eagles flock to Starved Rock to feed.

There are several suggested areas for viewing eagles here at the park.  The most prominent area is the riverfront area just north of the Visitor Center. Park in the lots just north of the building and head down to the river area with your binoculars. Eagles can be seen roosted in the trees on Plum Island and fishing at the dam. You can also take a drive to the East end of the park and visit Lone Point Shelter. Eagles can be seen in this area and in areas just East of this parking lot in the wide waters. Don’t miss this annual occurrence… it is well worth the visit to see these majestic creatures!

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