Eagle Watching Tips

The following tips for eagle viewing will help you to have the best possible experience:

  • Scan the tree line for eagles that are perched in the tree tops.
  • Look overhead for eagles soaring high in the sky.
  • Check ice floes or river islands for eagles sunning themselves or enjoying a meal.
  • Arrive early (7am – 9am) or stay late (4pm – 5pm), when eagles are most active.
  • Be patient – the key to successful viewing is patience.

Winter is the best time to view eagles, so we suggest these safety and comfort tips:

  • Dress warmly and in layers: boots, hats and gloves are strongly recommended.
  • Bring along a hot beverage.
  • Pull your vehicle completely off the road and park ONLY in designated areas.
  • Turn on your car heater for short periods of time.
For the safest and least intrusive bald eagle viewing, we recommend the following eagle etiquette:
  • Remain in or immediately next to your vehicle, and don’t approach eagles closer than a quarter mile. Avoid roosting areas.
  • Refrain from loud noises: honking horns, door slamming, radios playing, yelling, etc.
  • Keep pets at home.
  • Use binoculars or spotting scopes instead of trying to get a little closer.
  • Don’t do anything to try to make the bird fly.
  • Respect private property and avoid restricted areas.