Hiking Gear at Trailheads Snacks & Souvenirs

Start your Starved Rock adventure out at Trailheads Snacks & Souvenirs. Located in the Visitor Center, Trailheads offers sandwiches, hot dogs, pizza, ice cream, pretzels and nachos, plus gifts and souvenirs. We have walking sticks, rain gear, water bottles and more! Browse our assortment of jewelry, souvenirs, clothing, books and keepsake items.Want a great souvenir at a great price? Don’t forget to make your own Starved Rock souvenir at the Penny-Smasher machine! For just 51 cents (2 quarters and one penny) you can be creative, have fun and take more than a memory of the Rock home with you! Trailheads Gifts and Concessions is located in the Starved Rock Visitor Center.