Art in the Park


Art in the Park is a collection of over 30 pieces of art (mostly woodcarvings and several bronze sculptures) at Starved Rock Lodge and State Park. We just added a NEW, 12′ totem of manufactured steel by sculptor Michael Jones. Click HERE to see more about that! The new steel totem is located in front of the Hotel entrance.

Self-guided tours take about 30-minutes. A brochure, with a map of the “Art in the Park” collection, is available at the Hotel Front Desk, in the Great Hall and at Trailheads Concessions in the Visitor Center.The first piece of “public art” in the collection at Starved Rock Lodge is also the largest. Chief Walks with the Wind stands 12 feet tall and was created by sculptor Peter Wolf Toth (rhymes with Oath) in 1989. Lodge president and CEO, Terry Cross, has added more than 30 other works of art to the collection, the latest of which are the bronze “Eagle in Flight” (in front of the Visitor Center) and “Crow Medicine Man” (east end of Veranda) and the foxes at Fox Ridge. The “Star Gazer” (located south of the pool patio) is the perfect place to look at the night sky. This sculpture is made of cement. If you’re a Boy Scout or Girl Scout, don’t miss “On My Honor”  (the scout sign) located near the Canyonside Cabin.

Many of the chainsaw sculptors were commissioned to take dead trees on the property and transform them into replicas of wildlife and significant figures. We all know that a chainsaw isn’t a paintbrush and a stump of wood isn’t an easel, but these sculptors have found a way of combining the two to turnout amazing works of art.

The collection is wheelchair and stroller friendly, making it popular to guests who may not be able to hike into the canyons. The exhibit is free to the public and provides many great photo opportunities. Most of the sculptures are outside, but several are located within the Lodge.