Wildflowers & Plants

Painting the landscape with a brilliant palette of color, the wildflower meadows of Starved Rock State Park are simply stunning to view.  Home to over two hundred varieties of wildflowers, the fields continually delight visitors while at the same time playing an important role in the balance of the ecosystem.  Each week the wildflowers that blanket the forest floor and the wide open meadows change the color and scenery of the park.

 Native to a particular area, wildflowers are plants than have not been cultivated or modified by human intervention. Wildflower meadows offer a home to animal species that feed on the blooming plants or on other wildlife that inhabit the fields.  Nectar producing flowers attract honeybees, bumblebees and butterflies. The larvae of the butterfly and the moth graze on the plant’s leaves. Birds and small mammals survive from the resources they find in the thick fragrant meadows.

 Due to urbanization and agricultural needs, the percentage of wildflower meadows has steadily decreased in the years since WWII. With the disappearance of these meadows an important habitat for many species of wildlife was also lost. As a result, native wildflowers and wild animals are becoming increasingly rare. These plants, that offer so much to the earth’s biodiversity, are now threatened with extinction.

So, visit us often to reap the pleasures and enjoy the ever changing beauty of Starved Rock’s protected meadows. Just, please don’t pick the flowers!

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