Camping Basics

  • Always bring enough sleeping equipment for weather that is colder than expected. A good sleeping bag is required for camping in a tent. They are rated for different temperatures, so choose one that is rated slightly lower than lowest temperature predicted. If sleeping on the ground, prepare a spot that is soft and has no bumps.
  • Never wear anything to bed that has been worn all day, or part of the night. Clothing will retain moisture and it will make even the toughest nature lover cold and miserable during the night. Take off everything and put on fresh clothing inside the sleeping bag.
  • Bring plenty of extra food that does not need preparation. The best plans for a great meal can be interrupted or just not happen. The extra food will provide something to eat if unable to follow the original plan, and going to bed hungry will be avoided.
  • Bring a tarp and lots of extra cord or rope. If it rains these items can be used to make an extra shelter for cooking without getting wet.
  • A true naturalist does not let negative thoughts keep them from enjoying the great outdoors. Planning a camping trip for the milder seasons, and keeping on top of things, will make for a more enjoyable experience.