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It’s Almost Leaf-Peeping Time

September 30, 2015

By Kathy Rodeghier
Daily Herald Correspondent

We wanted a walk in the woods. The first day of autumn had arrived last year, which had me itching to lace up my shoes and go rubbernecking for fall colors not too far from home. But where? And when?

The where proves easy: Starved Rock State Park, just 90 minutes southwest of Chicago. … Continue Reading

A New Look for Starved Rock Lodge

June 16, 2015

Starved Rock Lodge & Conference Center near Utica recently unveiled a new website and a new logo.

“The need for a responsive website was urgent. More people are looking at our website on mobile phones and tablets so we needed an easy-to-navigate site that looked good on all platforms,” said Lodge CEO/President, Amy Trimble.

The Lodge chose Web 312 of

Continue Reading

Pelicans at Starved Rock?

April 17, 2015

flyingpelicansliderYes, pelicans do visit Starved Rock!  That may shock a lot of people, but this great phenomenon has been happening now for about 10 years.  After some investigating, it turns out that over the last 10 years or so, a few of these pelicans began migrating up and down the Illinois River. Until then, the furthest east they were known … Continue Reading

Let the Spring Songbird Migration BEGIN!

March 17, 2015

The migration of songbirds who spend their winters in Mexico, South America and other places where insects are available all year round take place every Spring.  To the birder (or photographer like me), this is a very exciting time of year.   If you are looking in the right places and are patient and diligent enough to try, you can witness … Continue Reading

Icefalls at Starved Rock

January 29, 2015

lasalle8115Ice falls at Starved Rock are one of the most beautiful, natural works of art that happen every year!

First…many of us might wonder how the ice falls are formed.  Here is some information that I found online about this very subject.

First, there must be an anchor for the ice fall.  The process begins when the temperature is below … Continue Reading

Can you #spottheeagle ?

December 22, 2014

eagle-6717The eagles have been migrating down all month – due to the earlier than cold temperatures up north.  Soon, as the temperatures get a little colder here in Illinois, and the ice freezes on the river, the eagles will flock to the dam for feeding.  This is a spectacular annual event here at Starved Rock.  Bird watchers, photographers and just … Continue Reading

The Eagles are coming!

November 7, 2014

eagle5051Now that the colder weather is setting in – the North American Bald Eagle will be starting to make their journey from north down to Starved Rock.  These majestic creatures spend their winters with us each and every year, feasting on fish in the Illinois River.  The best time to view them is when the rivers are frozen. When that … Continue Reading

Governor Announces expansion at Starved Rock State Park.

October 10, 2014
Governor Pat Quinn recently announced the acquisition of a 51-acre parcel of land adjacent to Starved Rock State Park that will provide additional wildlife space and serve as a buffer to protect the park. The Governor also announced wildlife habitat land acquisition in Edgar, Woodford and Jackson Counties and improvement projects at state parks operated by the Illinois Department of … Continue Reading

Fall Colors Abound

September 29, 2014

Want to see what the fall colors are doing on a daily basis at Starved Rock State Park?  Kathy is tracking the fall colors DAILY…so just click on this link for the latest daily updates on how the fall colors are doing at the park! Reading

Mini Abe Visits St. Louis Canyon

June 18, 2014


Have you seen the new commercial for Mini Abe?  The new Illinois Office of Tourism has released a new commercial with Mini Abe visiting many places in the State – and one of them was St. Louis Canyon!  In each instance Mini-Abe responds to their impressiveness with a big “whoa.”  It definitely is a great honor to have Abe here … Continue Reading

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